Audit Proposals

11 December 2021 Created

12 December 2021 Open for Applications

17 December 2021 Selection Period



  • You can find proposals delivered from audit providers below. New proposals can keep arriving until the application deadline you selected expires.
  • You will agree on the additional terms of the audit (e.g. the payment method) in a direct correspondence with the chosen audit providers.
  • Once you're ready to select and go with a certain audit proposal, simply click the Follow up button under that proposal. If that ends up being your final choice, please also mark that proposal as accepted.

Audit Offers

There are no submitted proposals yet!

Audit Request Info


  • is a platform that helps project owners find and connect with audit providers and as such makes no guarantees regarding the findings of any received audits.
  • It is always strongly recommended to have multiple external auditors verify your code.
  • The platform is currently in testing phase and we greatly value all feedback.