Introducing – the easiest way to get your smart contracts audited

Today we are happy to introduce as the most user friendly platform for finding smart contract audit providers for all your current and future blockchain based projects.

The platform aims to make it easier for project owners to find auditors and make sure their smart contracts are secure and ready for deployment. Anyone who needs an audit of their smart contracts can simply make an audit request and receive proposals from multiple verified audit providers in a matter of a few clicks.

Here’s an overview of the steps of the whole process:

  • Firstly, a user submits an audit request with project details and their desired deadline for the audit.
  • Secondly, the request is distributed to our network of verified audit providers who analyze the request and prepare their proposals.
  • Finally, the user receives a collection of proposals and they are free to select the proposals they want, after which they continue direct communication with the chosen audit providers.

This is a process that provides value for both project owners and audit providers and can save incredible amounts of time. Our network of verified audit providers currently has 13 members and it’s constantly growing.

We have already seen almost 20 requests come through in the last month and if you are in need of a smart contract security audit for your project, you can simply head over to our homepage and get started there.

In case you still want to manually research or contact any of the available auditors, you can always use our directory of smart contract auditors. As of now, the listing only includes companies, but we are looking to onboard freelance auditors, too.

If you are a company or a freelancer that provides auditing service and want to join the platform, feel free to submit your services today. We would love to have you onboard.

You can also use the Contact us button to share any feedback and follow us on Twitter for all future updates and announcements. For those who want to make sure they don’t miss a thing, you can also subscribe to our newsletter below.