The central place
for smart contract audits is a platform that aims to simplify the smart contract auditing process for blockchain projects by providing them instant access to a multitude of audit providers in a matter of clicks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a platform that provides blockchain project owners with instant access to a multitude of smart contract auditors, making it simple for them to verify the security and code integrity of their smart contracts. This is achieved through our audit request program, as well as the smart contract auditors directory. The directory contains contact information, previously published reports, client testimonials and auditing process steps for all auditors.

How can I request an audit?

To request an audit at simply use the Request an audit form. After filling out and submitting the needed information, your request is reviewed and approved, before being distributed to our network of validated audit providers.

Please note the two deadlines that you need to provide when submitting a request - the application deadline is the date by which you want to receive proposals from our partners, while the audit deadline is the date by which you want to receive the actual audit reports.

How much does it cost to use

Using is completely free. You can request an audit for your blockchain based project at any time at no cost. Besides that, the whole auditors directory is of course publically available and free to use in case you want to contact only

How much do security audits received through cost?

The price of the audit depends on the complexity of your project and the audit provider, but it will be clearly defined in advance in the proposals you receive from the providers. You are free to select the auditors yourself from the received proposals and all payments and invoicing is done directly between you and the chosen provider(s).

How many audit providers are available through

As of now, is partnered with 25+ verified audit providers and you can recognize their profiles by the blue stamp next to their name. In addition to that, the auditors directory contains close to 40 audit providers in total.

What makes an audit provider validated?

Validated providers are those that delivered their information directly to and/or confirmed the information on their profile pages as correct. Validated providers are also in regular communication with to make sure their pages are always up to date.

Are there any security guarantees when using

Using to request an audit and find auditors is a simple and secure process. All the information submitted is shared with verified auditors only. However, can make no guarantees regarding any statements made by the auditing companies in their reports or in other correspondence. We always recommend utilizing multiple independent audit providers to ensure your code is secure before you deploy your project.

How can I become an audit provider?

If you are a smart contract audit provider, please use this form to submit your service and have it included on At the moment we only have the auditing companies directory online, but one of our next planned steps is to create a directory of freelance auditors, too. Although this is not online yet, we accept submissions from both companies and freelancers.