ChainSecurity are the winners of multiple Ethereum Foundation grants and the creators of Securify, a security scanner for Ethereum smart contracts, as well as Chaincode Scanner, a security analyzing tool for hyperledger fabric smart contracts. They also offer custom tailored smart contract audits to their clients.

Smart contract audit process


Based on code and documentation and the agreed scope.


We audit the code using our proprietary audit platform.

Intermediate report

Sent privately to you, includes all findings and suggestions.

Updated code

You improve the code according to findings.

Final report

We mark issues as fixed and publish the report (if you agree).

Audit reports


"We see that many people are scared of smart contracts, mostly because they aren’t technical enough to understand them and how to use them. ChainSecurity’s auditing tools are a great step forward in helping businesses trust the capabilities of this new technology."


"ChainSecurity's platform and experts were extremely helpful in securing BlockV's smart contracts. Thank you for the dedication and fine attention to detail!""


"ChainSecurity did a supremely thorough job of auditing every aspect of our token contract, going above and beyond by seeing us through to a successful WLK token sale with perfect communications & professionalism and patience to educate along the way. Wolk considers itself lucky to have worked with best in working with ChainSecurity!"

Sourabh Niyogi, CEO, Wolk